Cost of Tree Removal

Cost of Tree Removal
Tree removal is now a science and includes many variant factors that need to be considered when estimating cost.

The Sales Arborist has to depend on his expertise to correctly calculate the man hours, equipment necessary and allowed access to perform the task at hand.

Some of the factors measured include:

1) Size of tree - How large is the trunk wood, canopy spread, height, branches & limbs. Is it a multi-trunked tree or a single trunk.

2) Location of tree - Is the tree equipment accessible. Any unseen underground obstacles to work around, pools, houses, electric wires and traffic issues?

3) Condition of tree - Dead or alive, is the tree a hazard, structurally deficient, concrete, hardware, mammals and stinging insects.

4) Other factors - Crew start up and job set up time, interaction with homeowner and neighbors, degree of clean up and disposal of debris.

The more information the homeowner can provide, the better the estimate will be. The higher the risk and complexity the higher the cost. Always make sure the company is fully insured and licensed, including workers compensation. They need to have the proper equipment, training and skill level to handle the task. Hiring a long standing, reliable, safety conscious company like GTS is most important.