We have a large supply of mulch ready for immediate delivery.

Why Mulch?    A layer of mulch in a planting bed helps suppress weeds, retains soil moisture, insulates soil to reduce winter injury and gradually improves the soil's physical condition. Mulch is good stuff...a plants best friend.

Best Mulch?    Not all organic mulch is best for your landscape plants and trees. Mulch textured too fine may compact, reducing the important exchange of gases and water penetration. Coarse-textured mulches are less resistant to water erosion and weed suppression and are expensive. Some dyed mulches contain demolition debris, pressure-treated lumber or worst! What is the best mulch?

Our Mulch!!!   

  • 100% composted organic from indigenous trees.

  • The entire tree from top to bottom.

  • Full of naturally beneficial micronutrients.

  • Good consistent color and the right texture.

  • Compaction and erosion resistant.

  • Best of all it is locally made and inexpensive. Help your Connecticut from a local producer.

  • Gift certificates available.

  • Preferred by municipalities & private institutions throughout Hartford County.

Call with any questions. We can be your mulch experts!!!

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