Why Choose Grimshaw?

Why Choose Grimshaw?
The Grimshaw Advantage

1. An Arborist visiting your property for every evaluation. Count on great information and many years of professional experience.

2. Proper licensing and certification from our state registration number, to our Connecticut Arborist license.

3. The right insurance coverage including workmen`s compensation, liability insurance, and property damage. You are protected, and if there`s ever a mishap you will not be at risk.

4. Proper equipment! Outside of payroll expenses, capitol investment in equipment continues to be a high priority. Because we are so mechanized, we can produce the very best results for you, "In and Out" with no landscape disturbance is our ongoing goal. You will not find a more progressive and effective crew in the greater Hartford area. We really take care to protect your property.

5. Experience - We have been in business since 1968. That's 55 years! Although we have not been in business as long as some, our principles have been maintained since the beginning.

6. We are a knowledgeable and caring company, from our office staff, to our employees in the field.

7. Full time office with real people and an answering service for after hours and on weekends. In the unfortunate case you experience a tree emergency, we are always a phone call away.

8. Continuing education - we use the latest materials, techniques and equipment for tree care, because your trees are worth it!

9. OSHA and Ansi compliance - We subscribe to Ansi Z-133.1 standards and our equipment conforms to current OSHA standards. Our safety training is ongoing. We reduce your exposer to danger!

10. A guarantee! Our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction! Isn`t everyone's?