Tree Care and Other Services-Servicing all towns !

Tree Removal:
We take great care when removing your trees. We don't just 'fell' a tree, we gently cut and lift the tree off the property to ensure no damage will be done to your home, wires or even the ground around it.

Tree Maintenance: Maintenance services include pruning, spraying, and fertilizing

Site Management: Property mapping and cataloging

Insurance Appraisals: Cost and causality analysis

Reasons to call Grimshaw:

  • Get rid of a possible hazard or ugly tree stump.

  • Improve the vigor of that specimen ornamental or priceless shade tree.

  • Prune unsightly and ominous limbs near the wires or over the house.

  • Support weak limbs before they fall.

  • Develop a strategy and long-term management plan for your property

Gift Certificates Available in $100 Increments.

Call our Windsor CT office at 860-688-1603 or the Simsbury CT office at 860-658-4420

Credit Cards Accepted.